Ash Barty’s former doubles partner and best mate make $7 million with their ‘love child of a massage gun and foam roller’
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Ash Barty’s former doubles partner and best mate make $7 million with their ‘love child of a massage gun and foam roller’

Jul 01, 2023

In his early twenties Steve Hamilton was frustrated his bad back was preventing him from doing so much.

He’d been diagnosed with a bulging disc and it meant office jobs were out because he couldn’t sit for more than a few hours at a time.

“It was shocking because I was so young,” Steve tells 7Life.

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“But the more I spoke with people, the more I found everyone has a sore shoulder, a sore foot, a bad back.”

In fact, as he went on to discover, two in three Australians over 15 experience regular bodily pain.

Steve also discovered there were no quick, or inexpensive fixes.

“I went to five or six physios and spent a fortune,” he says.

“I had massages and they’d be good for a day but then the pain would come back and even yoga didn’t quite hit the spot.”

His best mate Ben Mitchell, 30, felt the same.

An ex-professional tennis player and Ash Barty’s one-time doubles partner, Ben was suffering from the foot condition, plantar fasciitis as well as a tight lower back.

“Back in 2019 I was looking at some of the massage guns to help me but there wasn’t one that did lots of different areas,” Steve, now 26, says.

“Ben and I thought if we could make something that worked for most parts of the body that would be great.”

Just thinking about it was not the end of their story though and they were determined for the idea to take shape.

“We started working with a manufacturer to refine a design and we came up with this vibrating foam roller with rounded edges that could be used into different areas of the body,” Steve says.

They named their final design the Vibit, or vibrating bit, and they were so happy with the result that they were convinced it could help thousands of people.

“I started using it and it worked,” Steve says. “It’s portable so I could take it with me and use it two or three times a day when needed.”

He describes it as the “love child of a massage gun and a foam roller” and says with the vibration, acupressure and massage technology it uses, it can penetrate deep into the muscle and tissue layer, with benefits akin to massage.

It wasn’t an overnight success but Ben and Steve were prepared to put years of work into telling people about the Vibit.

“It was slow because we had no money,” Steve says.

“I worked in a bakery and as a janitor while we were getting it off the ground. We were just breaking even for the first two years but I was confident we’d get there.”

And then in July 2022 they cracked it.

The Vibit took off in Australia with users at last understanding what all the fuss was about.

“Best thing I’ve ever bought,” said one reviewer.

“This is an amazing product!! I’ve been using my Vibit for almost a week now and I’m already starting to notice an improvement in my neck/shoulder and lower back. Starting to wish I’d bought one sooner,” said someone else.

In fact everyone was taking note and their previous $300,000 yearly revenue jumped to an eye watering $7 million in 2022.

“We’re selling 1,500 to 2,000 Vibit’s a week now,” Steve says. “We moved into the US three months ago and it’s already bigger than Australia. Our next move will be to Europe and Japan.”

And as well as the financial improvement Vibit has improved Steve’s health.

“I am leagues better mentally and physically from using the Vibit,” Steve says. “Ben uses it all the time as a management thing for his feet and maintenance for his back too.”

“After how hard we worked it’s all the more rewarding now that it’s taken off,” he adds.

For more information or to buy a Vibit, head here.

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