Evertone Prosage Thermo Massage Gun review: Fast, decent pain relief
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Evertone Prosage Thermo Massage Gun review: Fast, decent pain relief

Aug 09, 2023

This budget massage gun gets all the knots out—and you bet we tried it

Updated August 21, 2023

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Heats and cools

Wand great for back massage

Price on par with similar products

Static massage speeds

Build quality feels cheap

Let’s face it—sometimes fitting a nice massage into your daily routine just isn’t happening. For one, massages are expensive. You may not have the pocket change to keep up with required routines or the monthly membership to your favorite spa. It’s also possible you may not be willing or able to regularly visit a physical therapist or massage therapist for certain types of personal care.

That’s where an at-home massager comes in. And good news for anyone who lives alone—there are versions of the personal massager that are perfectly easy for you to use as… just you.

There are dozens of personal massage guns on the market, but, for the purpose of this review, we tested the Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun (available at Sharper Image) to see if it makes the cut as an affordable way to combat sore muscles and stress.

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The makers of this massager promise a “professional-grade” massage with three speeds and multiple massage heads. The box includes six interchangeable heads—one for heat, one for cooling, and four uniquely shaped add-ons for different massage types to soothe muscle tissue in a variety of ways. Also included are microcurrent electrode pads for E.M.S. therapy and an extension wand that makes the massager’s reach even longer.

The Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun has six interchangeable heads designed to suit a wide variety of needs.

On Sharper Image’s website, this massager retails for $199. That’s a steep price for an at-home tool, but it’s roughly in line with the competitive Theragun Mini personal massager. Both products are on sale from time to time, which means one is occasionally cheaper than the other.

It’s worth noting that, while sold at Sharper Image, this product differs from the budget-priced Sharper Image Powerboost Massager that’s widely available. This massager appears to be a rebranded Evertone Prosage Thermo massage gun.

My favorite part about this Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun was its heat component. There’s a massager head that makes heat the focus, but the gun itself also has an included heater that can add heat to any massager. This really helps the massage feel deeper and more therapeutic in a shorter amount of time, which is perfect for an at-home product like this.

The cooling add-on is also beneficial for localized pain. If you’re looking for a gentle massage for injury, the Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun has great options to help ease discomfort. Plus, the depth of each massage is very literally in your hands. You control how much pressure to put on your painful parts, making your massage fully customizable.

The Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun features a cooling and heating add-on for a great massage at home.

The Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun has an attachable wand that makes massaging your back easier than ever.

Living alone makes it hard to reach the middle of my shoulder blades for anything, let alone a deep tissue massage. With the attachable wand, this massage gun became a great option for pain relief even when I was by myself. There’s no way I’d feel the shoulder relief this product provided if I was trying to massage my own back with my knuckles. So, I’ll keep it in mind for future knots and discomfort in hard-to-reach muscle groups.

When browsing other options, you won’t find many alternatives to the Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun’s quality for its price. Massage guns break the bank, and, while you can wait around for a full-size Theragun sale if you really want to buy the highest-end product, it’s certainly worth your money to invest in the Prosage Thermo if you want immediate results. For the price, the number of add-ons and customizations on the tool are unmatched.

There are three speeds on this massager, which means you’re stuck with only those three options. While that’s not a bad thing, we’re used to a world with endless ways to meet one’s personal taste.

There were moments I wished I had more control over the speed or movement of the massager. In this case, what you see is what you get—and what you get isn’t bad by any means, it’s just not always exactly what you want at the moment. These predefined settings didn’t ruin my experience much, they just made me settle for something slightly different from what I was actually craving.

This product offers a decent massage, but its buttons and overall build quality could stand to be improved.

My biggest complaint with the Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun is that sometimes it had a cheap feeling and was difficult to operate. Multiple times during testing, I had to hit the gun’s buttons repeatedly to get them to respond.

Sometimes this was legitimately frustrating, but it didn’t cause enough of a holdup for me to bash the massager completely. It still does what it’s supposed to do, but sometimes it tests your patience.

Whether you want a heated or cooling sensation, this massage gun is capable of lessening many types of muscle pain.

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable buy, absolutely yes. You’re still shelling out almost $200 for this massage gun—but if you’ve been considering something higher-grade, it may be worth testing this one as a starter. The Evertone Massage Gun offers a good experience, and if pain relief or relaxation is front-of-mind, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

If you’re buying a massage gun that’s more expensive, or that screams luxury, there are certainly other products that will do the trick with a higher quality build. For more info, you may want to consult our list of the best massage guns of 2023.

The Prosage Thermo Copper Massage Gun features a cooling and heating add-on for a great massage at home.

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