New York Jets' Gregory Senat shares his favorite things
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New York Jets' Gregory Senat shares his favorite things

Aug 14, 2023

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For New York Jets offensive tackle Gregory Senat, game time starts long before he hits the field.

The 2018 NFL draft pick — who’s also played for the Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Indianapolis Colts — wakes up at 8 a.m. each day to get gym-ready (and squeeze in some skincare).

“I don’t have to be at my workouts until about 10, so I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, read my Bible … just kind of get my mind ready for the day,” he tells Page Six Style.

And with the NFL regular season slated to kick off next month, the football star — who describes his style as “classy” and “simpler” — has plenty for which to prep. Below, shop his six everyday essentials, from Crocs-like recovery shoes he rocks “every day” to his beloved massage gun.

“I love using my Theragun before my workout to loosen up the muscles, especially before I get on the field and start running. You sit in a car for a while, you get tight — so I use this to loosen up.”

$299 (originally $349)

“[Yoga helps] a lot of ways. We’re often moving backward on the field and trying to stop someone coming at us full speed, so leverage and flexibility are very important. There’s a saying in football: ‘The low man wins.’ So any aspect of the game where I have to move somebody or block somebody, being able to get down low and still move and be powerful is key.”

$55 (originally $59)

“I have more of a classy, simpler style. I usually like darker, neutral colors and I like to accessorize. If I’m going out somewhere, I’ll put on a pair of my fitted black jeans and I may throw on some nice Jordan 1s. I have a lot of Jordans 1s; those are my favorite Jordans, because you can dress them up and dress them down.”


“I brush my teeth with typical Colgate. I think this is the best one to use.”


“I love these recovery shoes. I’ve been wearing them every day. I’m usually just wearing casual, comfortable clothes.”


“I like to eat something light before my workout, so I’ll have overnight oats and my vitamins. I love the Thorne vitamins.”