Shoppers with Chronic Pain Rely On These $70 and $399 Massage Guns
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Shoppers with Chronic Pain Rely On These $70 and $399 Massage Guns

Aug 18, 2023

Score both for up to 60 percent off ahead of Amazon Prime Day.

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Having an occasional knot in your back is normal. However, constant aches and pains throughout your muscles might be a sign from your body to start taking recovery more seriously. Stretching is the first line of defense against injury and pain, but isn’t always able to release the tender, hyperirritable spots most prone to soreness (i.e. your shoulders, neck, hips, and back). For quicker relief, many turn to a massage gun for help, a tactic that experts say has a number of benefits. In addition to speeding up muscle recovery by increasing blood circulation, these devices “also send inputs to your body and brain that help your muscles lengthen (meaning, relax), which allows you to access an increased range of motion,” physical therapist Grayson Wickham, D.P.T., C.S.C.S., previously told Shape.

If you search for massage guns online, you’re likely confronted with hundreds of options set at wildly different prices, and all that variety can make it tough to determine which percussion guns are worth the investment. Below, we compare the $399 TheraGun Elite Massage Gun with the $90 Renpho Percussion Massage Gun to help you decide whether to save or splurge. Keep in mind that both machines are currently on sale ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2023. (BTW: I'm Shape's shopping expert, and I found the 10 best early Prime Day beauty and fitness deals.)


Buy It: $70 (was $170),

Main Specs: Six massage heads and 20 adjustable speeds allow you to customize your pressure preference and target specific muscle groups like your shoulders, lower back, and palms.

Other Features: The percussion noise remains under 63.5 db, even at the highest speed setting.

Best for: Individuals who sit or stand for long periods, or those who work out multiple times per week.

With more than 8,000 perfect ratings, this device is one of Amazon’s best-selling machine guns, and for good reason. Twenty speed settings give you lots of control over the intensity of your massage — a huge asset for those who are sensitive to pressure. At $170, it’s far from the site’s most affordable percussion gun, but reviewers say the straight forward design lives up to its promises. “This thing is a life saver,” wrote one user who explained that it “really relieves the tension in [their] shoulders” after a full day of sitting at a desk. “With this I’m able to massage my back by myself,” added another fan who said it did an “amazing” job on the “massive knots” in their thighs. Best of all, it’s 60 percent off right now.

Many reviewers note that they wish the battery lasted longer after charging.


Buy It: $399 (was $450),

Main Specs: This percussion gun includes five attachments designed to target trigger points, large muscle groups, and hands and feet. Plus, five speed settings produce up to 40 pounds of pressure.

Other Features: The battery life lasts for a total of 120 minutes between charges and is insulated to keep the motor’s noise to minimum. Finally, bluetooth connection allows users to track their pressure exactly, adjust speeds, and follow along with a guided massage through the accompanying TheraGun app.

Best for: Experienced massage gun users, users who prefer deep tissue massages, and people dealing with stubborn chronic pain.

As far as massage guns go, TheraGun has become a household name for its sleek, powerful devices, and this design is no exception. People who are accustomed to deep tissue massages can experience intense percussion across multiple muscle groups and trigger points thanks to interchangeable heads and its powerful motor. This machine was designed with an insulated barrier, so it remains whisper quiet, too. Perhaps the most exciting feature, however, is the ability to connect with an app that provides feedback on and control over pressure and even guides users through effective massage routines. “This has been a life-changing purchase for me,” wote one shopper who suffered from back pain for a decade. “I use it on my neck and back daily and it completely helped loosen and soothe tight muscles and knots,” they explained. “I went to bed without pain in my shoulders for the first time in years,” agreed another reviewer.

It’s impossible not to mention that this is a luxury massage gun that comes with a luxury price tag. If you’ve never used a percussion device before and aren't sure whether it’s something you’ll use regularly, it might be worth trying out a more affordable model first.

The Renpho Percussion Massage Gun straightforwardly checks all the boxes required in a high-quality device. It’s easy to use and has enough settings to accommodate all pressure preferences. Plus, at just $80 during Prime Day, it will pay for itself with weekly use. However, if you’re a seasoned percussion gun-user who wants a machine that deeply massages muscles and lasts for years, the TheraGun Elite is a worthy investment.

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