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Gear Break: Win

Aug 20, 2023

Gear Break: Win-Wing Rear Fenders and Mini Mudder from Ass Savers, Bob and Brad C2 massage gun, Primal Alitios – Experience the difference, LEM Helmets links up with Thomson Bike Tours as official helmet and eyewear partner, MatchWornShirt offer chance to own a Soudal Quick-Step Tour de France jersey and Chris King releases fresh batch of espresso tampers.

Win-Wing Rear Fenders and Mini Mudder from Ass Savers

Stephen Cheung PEZ Sez:The Win Wings are a super simple set of rear fenders designed to be nearly universal in being able to go onto any bike. That’s because the main frame itself is a plastic wishbone strut that uses rubberized straps to attach to the seatstays. The fender itself is similar construction to the original Ass Savers that clip onto your saddle rails, but can be attached at three different orientations.

They come in either Road or Gravel sizes for both the frames and fenders. The fenders come in a variety of patterns and colours. I went for the “Spektrum” colour for both the Wing Wing and the Mini Mudder front fender.

If you’re into mountain biking, the Mini Mudders will not be new to you. They’re a small plastic fender that attaches with two velcro straps to the top of your forks, and their main purpose is to protect your headset and also your face from all the road/trail filth. Considering how much abuse your headset takes on a daily basis, the Mini Mudders is a nice minimalist way to protect them.

Note that the Mini Mudder needs a pretty wide fork. They work fine on my more modern gravel bike, but my older gravel bike and cyclocross bikes have narrower forks (that still fit 40 mm tires) and I couldn’t attach the Mini Mudders to them without tire rub.

I’m not even going to bother weighing them for you. They’re so light and unobtrusive that only the most obsessed weight weenie would object to having them on their bike.

Are Win Wings as effective as full fenders? Of course not, as you’re still going to end up with spray down by your drivetrain and feet. But the whole purpose of these are to prevent your backside from getting filthy, and they do it surprisingly well by being designed to catch the road spray that flies tangentially off the rear wheel and towards your backside.

I just finished the super-fun Reggie Ramble gravel event here in southern Ontario. Unlike 2022’s beautiful sun and temperatures, this year served up cloudy skies to start for the first 3 hours, and then steady rain for my final nearly 3 hours.

Rather than go on and on about the science behind the Win Wing’s design to deflect road spray, here’s some graphic evidence. That’s my helmet on the right, and that’s my wife’s non-Win Wing protected helmet on the left. Suffice to say, I’m getting another set for her bike ASAP!

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun – $169.99

The Bob and Brad ergonomic C2 massage gun is built to improve patient and athlete recovery. The C2 deep tissue massage gun is deceptively powerful, giving out a high-intensity massage that is effective at relieving muscle tension while feeling gentle

What’s in the box

Chuck Peña PEZ sez: Who doesn’t love a massage for recovery after a long, hard ride? Unfortunately, regular sports massage therapy isn’t part of everyone’s budget (including mine). From a $$$ standpoint, massage guns are a game changer.

What you get (clockwise from top right): ball head, air cushion head, USB-C charging cable, spare rubber sleeves, bullet head, flat head, U-shaped head, massage gun

I have a mini massage gun (different manufacturer) that I’ve been using regularly for a while now. The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is a step up. It’s a little “beefier” but not too heavy or bulky. The silicone grip handle is just the right size for my average size hand. Five different massage heads are intended for different purposes:

Push in to install massage head and pull out to remove

After charging it up for the first time (it takes about 3 hours to fully charge), using the C2 massage gun is pretty straightforward and easy:

LEFT: Push and hold the power button (green arrow) for 2 seconds to turn on. Battery indicator light (green dash box) at base of handle (1 LED – 25%, 2 LEDs – 50%, 3 LEDs – 75%, 4 LEDs – 100%). RIGHT: Push and release the power button (red arrow) for desired massage setting — 5 levels indicated by LEDs (red dash box).

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is more than powerful enough for my purposes. For my legs, the highest setting provides enough “percussion” (Bob and Brad claim 16mm amplitude that’s 60% deeper than any other massage gun — I have no way to measure or verify this claim) to relieve any soreness and to work out the “kinks” of tight muscles. I use the lowest setting for my neck and shoulders.

I use the C2 massage gun ~15 minutes every morning and it’s taken a week to go from full charge to 10% power (a single flashing LED). So I’m guesstimating a couple hours of battery life using mostly the max power setting (Bob and Brad claim 180 minutes of continuous use but don’t say for what power setting).

Bob and Brad claim 30-50 dB for their proprietary brushless motor. My iPhone app measured louder than that (about an inch from the microphone), but still relatively quiet (about the level of normal conversation).

Along with stretching, massage is part of my morning routine. And part of post-ride recovery. Daily massage makes a BIG difference! Not that my muscles don’t get sore (especially after a long, hard ride), but they definitely feel more “supple” and “loose.” To be sure, it’s not the same thing as a high quality massage from an experienced sports massage therapist, but it’s the next best thing and a whole lot cheaper.

Primal Alitios – Experience The Difference

ALITIOS – Ride faster and further than you ever have with the most advanced cycling apparel on the market. Get ready to defy physics with 8x faster drying time, 3x the wicking capabilities, and a better feel than you thought was possible on a kit that works this well. Find out why Alitios is for the obsessed today.

LEM Helmets Links Up With Thomson Bike Tours As Official Helmet & Eyewear Partner

LEM Helmets, manufacturer of innovative, stylish, and performance head protection and eyewear for cycling and motorsports, today announces its union with world-renowned Thomson Bike Tours as the official helmet and eyewear partner. Known around the globe for its love of cycling and passion for creating memorable cycling experiences, Thomson’s elite group of 50-plus seasoned guides will exclusively wear LEM’s road and gravel helmets and new performance eyewear. From being the official Tour de France premium tour operator to well-tailored road and gravel adventures across Europe to fully-supported cycling camps, Thomson’s array of trip destinations and world-class hospitality set it apart from the competition.

“When looking for a bike tour company that offers a diverse menu of high-quality excursions in some of the world’s most amazing places, coupled with best-in-class service, the obvious choice is Thomson. We’re excited to partner with such a reputable and genuine operation, and support every talented guide with our high-performance helmets and new eyewear collection,” said Keith Cozzens, LEM’s global brand marketing director.

Thomson guides will wear LEM’s ultra-lightweight, carbon Motiv™Air and new, well-ventilated Cipressa road and gravel helmets. Trusted by pros around the world and touted by dozens of media outlets, LEM’s best-selling MotivAir helmet is one of the lightest on the market. At a scant 220 grams (size M), its aero design features 23 vents and is constructed with LEM’s proprietary rigid, thin, and light exoCarbon™ technology that elevates the overall performance of the helmet. The Cipressa is a quiver of one made for maximum versatility on the road or gravel. It features LEM’s new proprietary GelMotion® technology for management of high- and low-energy impacts, and rotational and oblique impacts. With added features like 19 vents and micro-adjust fit system, the helmet’s lightweight protection brings superior comfort ready to mow down miles.

New for summer/fall (coming soon to US), LEM unveils its adventure-focused eyewear collection. The seven-model collection will include both lifestyle and performance styles. Thomson will support the global debut of the collection with every guide wearing the sport performance Daje, Passo, and Eastside models – all of which feature LEM’s proprietary XEYEON® lens technology that delivers maximum visual performance, 100% UV protection, enhanced image sharpness, and precision-engineered optics for higher contrast and premium protection.

“We are thrilled to partner with LEM in this exciting and significant collaboration. As leaders in the cycling tours industry, we constantly strive to provide the best experiences for our clients, with the safety of our guides and clients being our top priority,” said Peter Thomson, founder of Thomson Bike Tours. “With LEM’s innovative and professionally-endorsed helmets, we are taking our commitment to rider safety to new heights. Together, we embark on a journey where adventure, comfort, and uncompromising protection combine seamlessly, ensuring our riders enjoy every moment on the road, knowing they are protected by the very best.”

MatchWornShirt Offer Chance to Own a Soudal Quick-Step Tour de France Jersey

Soudal Quick-Step has partnered with MatchWornShirt, the experts in authentic and worn sports memorabilia. To celebrate, we are giving fans a chance to buy a jersey worn in the Grande Boucle.

The exciting partnership means that cycling fans all over the world will have the opportunity to bid on race-worn jerseys from the Grand Tours and selected Spring Classics. Our riders will personally sign their own jersey, giving fans the chance to obtain the ultimate fan item via the official website of MatchWornShirt and revolutionise the way we connect with our fans. Before being dispatched, the jerseys will be professionally cleaned using UV-C technology to remove bacteria and viruses, while retaining the essence of your favourite rider and the dirt from the roads, with all jerseys being delivered as authentically as possible.

To kick off the partnership, MatchWornShirt will launch an auction where fans can buy the jerseys worn by our Tour de France team, as they finish the world’s most famous race in Paris. Starting on the second rest day of the Tour de France (Monday 17th), you can bid to buy one of our team’s jerseys, as worn on the Champs-Élysées this Sunday. For more details, click here.

Speaking of the agreement, CEO of MatchWornShirt, Tijmen Zonderwijk said: “Back in 2021, Soudal Quick-Step Pro Cycling Team was the first cycling team to offer their race-worn jerseys via MatchWornShirt. It is therefore with great pride that we are partnering with one of the best World Tour teams on a long-term basis, enabling fans all over the world to own a piece of history in the coming seasons. We can’t wait to get started with this week’s Tour de France race-worn jerseys.”

This was echoed by Soudal Quick-Step CEO Patrick Lefevere, who said: “One of the essences of our team is the connection that we have had with our fans. They have always supported us, through great times and harder times, and this partnership will give our supporters a chance to own some unique pieces of sports memorabilia. MatchWornShirts are renowned for being the experts in this area, offering a reliable and credible service, and we are looking forward to working with them.”

Chris King Releases Fresh Batch of Espresso Tampers

Chris King Precision Components has a rich history of celebrating the union between bicycles and coffee. This is showcased in passion projects like the highly sought-after King espresso drinkware sets and the revered King espresso tamper. The tamper, known for its comfort, balance, and weight, has gained a reputation among professional baristas.

King proudly announces a fresh batch of tampers, available now at while supplies last.

From behind the espresso machine at King HQ, King’s Chief Caffeine Officer Jay Sycip said, “It’s hard to put your finger on quite why riding bikes and drinking coffee are so closely related, but we have always loved both here at Chris King. Some of us might like drinking coffee even more than we like riding. One shot or two?”

With the bike industry adapting to a post-pandemic world, and a slight lull, the team at King is gearing up for the MADE trade show in Portland next month and exploring their passion projects that reach beyond the component manufacturing world.

Sycip continued, “We had a run of un-anodized handles from the last time we offered tampers, and since we had a little capacity in production, we decided to make bases to match them. It’s a busy summer here, and that requires keeping the team well-caffeinated.”

Chris King Espresso Tampers are available in all colors, though supplies are limited, and as with everything that Chris King makes, they will sell fast, and last a lifetime.

*** Sad news: They are sold out already! You can sign-up to be notified via email when they are back in stock. ***

Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

Gear Break:Win-Wing Rear Fenders and Mini Mudder from Ass SaversStephen Cheung PEZ Sez:Check out Ass Savers Win Wing (26-27 Euros)Check out Ass Savers Mini Mudder (13-14 Euros)Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun – $169.99Chuck Peña PEZ sez:NOTE:NOTE:Primal Alitios – Experience The DifferenceALITIOSMore info at: primalwearLEM Helmets Links Up With Thomson Bike Tours As Official Helmet & Eyewear PartnerLEM HelmetsThomson Bike ToursKeith CozzensMotiv™AirCipressaGelMotion®seven-model collectionPeter ThomsonHEREHEREMatchWornShirt Offer Chance to Own a Soudal Quick-Step Tour de France Jerseyclick hereTijmen ZonderwijkPatrick LefevereFull info at: www.matchwornshirt.comChris King Releases Fresh Batch of Espresso TampersJay SycipMore info at:*** Sad news: They are sold out already! You can sign-up to be notified via email when they are back in stock. ***Note: